Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pure Idol Heart Joins Facebook

Pure Idol Heart Joins Facebook

Greetings, this is just a little note to inform our readers that Pure Idol Heart has joined Facebook to go along with our earlier Twitter account .If you are a Facebook user and are away from the blog, now you can follow us anytime you like on Facebook or our Twitter

If you have friends who may enjoy our site, please be sure and let them know about us, we would love to have them following us.

"Like" us on Facebook
To follow us on Twitter


  1. woot! I'm the second person to like PIH!!

  2. Thanks for the support Natalie.

  3. Awesome~~~~ :D Ninth person to like! XD I use FB a lot more compared to Twitter, so my Twitter is like a ghost account now...

  4. I helped set up the whole FB page thing, so hopefully we can have a community over in FB, then organize some contests, parties or something. Spread the love, peoples!
    o(^^o)(o^^)o わくわく

    .....and then later I found out that Gaki don't have an FB account. orz LOL

  5. awesome! I have a facebook~


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