Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Morning Musume, H!P Cancels Releases

Morning Musume, H!P Cancels Releases

Hello!Project has announced that it is postponed releases for their artists scheduled for March 23 and 30th.
Official Statement

    Our hearts go out to the victims of the Tohoku earthquake.

    A disaster this big has naturally affected business as well. Every infrastructure has taken a blow, including things like production and delivery.

    In light of current events,  we have quickly decided to postpone the releases scheduled for March 23 and March 30. These include:

        * Morning Musume’s single “Maji Desu Ka Ska!”
        * C-ute’s album “Chou WONDERFUL! 6”
        * Morning Musume’s Blu-ray disc “Morning Musume Concert Tour 2010 Fall ~Rival Survival~”

    We have caused trouble for fans looking forward to these works as well as staff, but please we beg of you to understand.

    We send our prayers that the areas affected by the disaster will be reconstructed as soon as possible.

H!P  joins the latest in a number of companies canceling releases ,tours ,lives  in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake.

There is a time and place for all entertainment, with the country facing the terrible tasks of recovering 10,000`s of lost lives and nuclear plants burning, now is not the time for Oricon ranking battles.

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