Friday, March 11, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen on Bijo Gaku :1st PV Shoot

9th Gen 1st PV Shoot

On this evening Bijo Gaku the 9th gen shoot their first PV .Risa and Riho watch in stunned amusement as Kanon eats. For their first PV 9th gen did very well and looked like veterans.

Erina needs to smile some when she dances, Kanon don`t take off running around excitedly when the director is talking, lol .Is there anything that girl won't smile about, lol

Sayu maybe the self declared #1 cute idol, and Fuku-chan the princess [Sayu`s words], but Kanon will not be out smiled by any idol, lol.She`s turned it on and is going at full speed.

Also don`t get comfortable with Risa`s hair as after the video was filmed she changed it to black.


  1. somehow the pv kinda reminds me of 3,2,1 breaking out
    and the outfits of naichou kamo

    seeing the 9th gen doing the dance xD is really AWESOME XD

    but seeing the 5th and 6th do it... is... idk a bit odd xD ROFLOL
    only reina looks ok with it... xD maybe caus shes so tiny :p

    but i like seeing so many members in momusu again.... 5 membered MM is not right.. :p
    momusu got to be with many members

  2. can not wait for the full pv to come out now. can't wait for the 9th gen's first tv performance either.

  3. Im pretty sure I just saw a cactus in the vid!!!! And after this pv bit I actually like the song. The pv looks awsome and I believe that momusu has to be at least 8-11 members to be momusu even though they started with 5. Anyways Momusu is going to have some hard competion (SDN48,Kara). So lets cheer momusu on!! :)

  4. KANON IS SUCH A CUTIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved seeing the Cookies do the choreo in this PV, they all looked really great and damn amazing :DDDD

    I found the older members rather awkward doing the dance, considering they haven't done a lot of lively songs in a while now.."XD but they were great too. =))

    Loved the few minutes of the vid already!!! I can't wait to watch the full version!!! Gah!!! EXCITED!!


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