Thursday, March 24, 2011

PIH: "Associate Writers", Contact Address

PIH: "Associate Writers", Contact Address

As I mentioned not long ago PIH is looking for new voices to appear on PIH .Maybe you are a long time fan of the genres we cover and always wanted to write about it.  Maybe your a veteran blogger that has an article in mind, that better fits the coverage that PIH offers, now is your opportunity to share them with the PIH readers.

If PIH Associate Writer is not for you, please feel free to use the mailing address to submit a scoop tip, opinion letters in response an existing PIH post and so on.

Notes- You do not need to have or create a blog to take part in this.
If you are a blogger and see a PIH original article that your readers may enjoy, you are welcome to link the article on your blog.

If you have, any questions please feel free to ask.
Contact Address

Subject line is the following
[PIH] then article submission.
Please include the [PIH] Tag in the subject

Please include the photos that you want to include in the article and any notes at the end if needed about the news source

PIH may edit articles if needed by adding additional information and/or clarification, to support your article.

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