Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kashiwagi Yuki Gets Anime Voice Job

Kashiwagi Yuki Gets Anime Voice Job

AKB48/French Kiss member Kashiwagi Yuki has landed her first voice actress job and it`s a support role to the main character. Yuki has been cast  as the main character Bossun’s younger sister, Rumi for the anime “SKET DANCE“, which starts on April 7th.

Yuki made these comments about her new voice-acting job.

   “It was really hard. I received advice from professional voice actors and worked extremely hard. You have to be aware of things like speaking groggily if it is a scene in the morning, which is something people do not normally notice, so the recording was extremely difficult. It made me appreciate how an anime is made.”

“SKET DANCE” is a popular manga that is serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” which is known for other popular works such as Naruto, BLEACH, and ONE PIECE.

“SKET DANCE” is about a group of students known as the Sket Dan. Sket Dan members attempt to solve the problems of the staff and classmates at their school.

AKB48 Sub unit French Kiss will also be singing the theme song for “SKET DANCE“ 

When asked about the manga and her unit singing the opening theme, Yuki said the following.

  “I think ‘SKET DANCE’ is popular because of the chaos that Sket Dan creates on campus. That part is similar to AKB48. We are very happy and honored to sing the opening theme for an anime with so many funny and moving moments.”

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  1. I love french kiss!! I knew about them before i knew about AKB... (of course i knew about MM first xD)


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