Friday, March 4, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen on Bijo Gaku

Morning Musume 9th gen Bijo Gaku

As I mentioned in a note earlier, this episode features 9th gen dancing to the new single .It also shows that at the time of the filming 9th gen has not been moved into the group yet .Sayu has hinted as much by saying they still have separate dressing rooms at events. This should change after their debut single.

As for the PV Musume took Berryz costumes from it seems, lol [You will get that if you think a few singles back for Berryz]


  1. I'm...So...Happy...Right...Now~!!!

  2. OHH LOL XD i kinda LOVE riho's move from 0:19 xD

    :o kanon improved A LOT :D
    riho always amazes me with her moves
    eventhough theyre all doing the same moves... riho stands out

    momusu is looking awesome with that many members again :)

    mittsi when she auditioned she really sucked @ dancing.... and now shes teaching.... she really improved huh :)


  3. oooooo~ the outfits look REAL NICE!!! XD

    I felt like my eyes were starting to water when I saw how much Kanon has improved!!!! Yatta ne~~~~ :DDDDD

    Now I'm even more excited for the PV!

  4. The set for the music video looks alot better then some recent singles. I am really looking forward to the realease! o(^▽^)o

  5. OHHHH! The dance seems hard and yet the manage to pull it off in such short time! Can't wait for the pv to be uploaded on their youtube page!


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