Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kikkawa Yuu: Kikkake wa YOU! Mini Preview

Kikkawa Yuu: Kikkake wa YOU! Mini Preview

A mini preview for Kikkawa Yuu `s debut single “Kikkake wa YOU! “is now out.
The single, will be released on March 30 will come in four versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Limited Edition C, and a regular edition. Each edition of “Kikkake wa YOU!” will contain one-track exclusive to that version.

While not putting Yuu in Morning Musume based on this preview was a mistake, the result may have become a blessing for Yuu as she just may become the next young top soloist out today.

As long as Yuu gets good quality songs to perform, her charm and abilities should lead her to a very promising career.


  1. WOOOOH KIKKA~!!!!
    im telling u.. Kikka is the next ayaya :D

    the song sounds good :D i like the chorus...
    idk... dun really love the pv ?
    its too yellow xD lol

    also dun really like kikka's make up...
    or maybe its the lightning

    but <3 Kikka :D

  2. I love it! I really am happy kikka is under universial rather than zeitma, but does that means they won't sell kikka goods in the hello project shop? :( Oh well is is a worthwile sacrafice for good pv's and good promotion!

  3. Instant love! Yuu-chan is just so likeable >w<

    I love the song too, though the YELLLOW! really screams at you for a bit...

    I think she suits the color though, it's definitely her color.... She wore yellow (right? can't recall now) in the Milky Way unit too didn't she? XD

  4. ^yea she did...

    but her face is hmzz.. how u describe it...
    plain ?? XD its pretty... mzzz natural...
    its light..? XD

    @ the close up shots... its like u only see her eyes nd mouth moving... her face disappeared in the BG and lightning...

    so i think darker make up will fit her more...
    in this pv i mean


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