Sunday, March 27, 2011

Morning Musume "Maji Desu ka SUKA!" Unofficial PV

Morning Musume "Maji Desu ka SUKA!" Unofficial PV

A video was recently uploaded, that may confuse some fans of Morning Musume for being the official video, it is however not the official version.This is what the official PV  should  look like when  released, unless there are any missing scenes.

What the uploader did was take the two previews merge them and add the radio track over it, into a very nicely done PV.

If this is what the official version will look like, what do you think a welcome change for the group and to fans?

Download copy to keep in case of delete


  1. Oo~~ Nice nice!

    I wouldn't be too surprised if the official MV was A LOT like this.

    Aika's grandpa dress up was really a big LOL and surprise to me. I haven't seen any MM's be like that since Hello! Morning!!!!!! Oh gosh, I'm near tears just remembering all the laughs I got from the good old days...XD

    Then Aichan's random jump during that exclamation mark was just EPIC. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    I saw these two parts in the TV event vid, but I forgot to mention it since Kanon's bug impersonation was too funny...XD

  2. I agree.... judging from the previews vids, the official PV might not be too far off from this one. Do they lack graphic artists/designers in their agency?


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