Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Special SKE48 "Ai no Kazu" Video Clip For Moral Support

A new movie video clip has been made public on Youtube by SKE48. It was a video clip for the song "Ai no Kazu" performed by the group's Team K II, which is a B-side track to the single released earlier this month "Banzai Venus". Originally, "Ai no Kazu" has no PV created for it. But a video clip was made now, in hopes of the song becoming a moral support (no matter how small it maybe) to those facing difficult times due to the earthquake in northeast Japan, recently.

It was not a high cost production of any sort, just a simple video of SKE48 girls singing on their theatre stage with song lyrics running at the bottom. All for creating a new media made available for circulation.

SKE48 will reopen their theatres on the 31st of March, where on that same day Team S will perform and all proceeds from that performance will go straight to charity.

And the kindness of hearts continue to give.

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