Sunday, March 13, 2011

Site Update Programming, Idols, News

Site Update Programming, Idols, News

I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has commented since the earthquake happened. It means a lot that you have taken the time to do so.

I want to give a site news update, while I can.

I don`t know when music news will start again on this site .To be honest the nation is only thinking about rescue , survival , and the television is only showing every second of the rescue operations ,casualties and important  needed  news ,regular programming  stopped  the second the earthquake happened . If you read what I wrote yesterday, my mind is not thinking of music right now, idols or my own.

There is nothing music related to report, the nation is only thinking about rescue and survival. Concerns on CD release delays, Oricon rankings, sales figures, etc are all misplaced thoughts, because no one is thinking about that now, only rescue and survival.

Concerns instead should be on the missing, concerns should be on Sendai`s Dorothy Little Happy - only two members out of five have reached out to their fans. There are many problems in Sendai right now.

For now Japan is a much different place then it was a few days ago, there are many difficult days ahead

This site will move forward as the nation moves forward, I just don`t know when that will be.

 I ask you for patience and understanding for now, and let us walk forward together each day one step at a time, taking what the day gives.


  1. Wait!! someone said they were all safe..... This can't be they were barely gonna make their debut!! My prayers for the other girls to be safe and found! Also for everyone who is missing a loved one in sendai aswell!

  2. Twin-So far Mari and Mimori have reported in ,Their leader and two more have not .There are a lot of issues in the area roads ,power ,phones, lot of damage, ,so that does not mean they are hurt .Think good thoughts for them.

  3. Glad all staff here are safe and i'm praying for everyone in japan.

  4. @ Twin- DLH Leader Kana reported they are OK, promotions for them has stopped for now as they focus on recovery.

  5. Thank you Gaki and Ryo for keeping us all updated. espeacially since i heard that there are blackouts.

    I am keeping japan in my thoughts.

    Stay safe everyone.


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