Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ogawa Saki Leaves Hello!Project And S/Mileage

Ogawa Saki Leaves Hello!Project And S/Mileage

I have to tell you readers of PIH  ,this was not what I wanted to write about today. However I can`t hold off any longer and must tell you the sad news for H!P fans.

Ogawa Saki has decided to leave the idol  world and will be graduating August 27.
She has informed Tsunku and management that she simply wants to go home and be a student .  Her words to Tsunku were “please let me quit.” Turns out this was in part a reason for the auditions.

Tsunku wrote a big release along with Ogawa. Please read below. You are welcome to express your feelings as much as you like on our comments section. We don`t have a message board yet, but as this is such sad news for S/mileage, please feel free to share your comments and memories.


“Thank you for always supporting Hello! Project and myself.

This is sudden, but I have an announcement for everyone.
Just the other day, I announced five new sub-members for S/mileage,
However, as of August 27, Ogawa Saki will be graduating from both S/mileage and Hello! Project.

In the beginning of May this year, she informed me,
“I’ve been hesitant for some time, and I’ve discussed it with the staff a few times, but my feelings of wanting to return to a normal junior high student has strengthened, so please let me quit.”

Although she is the youngest of the group, I have relied on her singing skills.

However, right now is the time to be looking towards the future.
As a group, and as an individual member, we need to have a strong desire for improvement.
In addition, as a producer, I decided that holding back a member who is hesitant, and continuing the group with her would not be good for both the member and the group. Therefore, I chose to accept Ogawa’s request.

When the group was first formed, I made a public announcement that the unit may increase or decrease in members.
Because there was this case, I hastily announced in June that we would be recruiting new members for S/mileage.
Please forgive me that I was not able to report the details and intentions until now, as there were many terms and conditions concerning the group and the contract.

Again, Ogawa is still an inexperienced student and a minor.
For a working adult, it would be unacceptable to give up their job halfway.
However, please consider her straightforward feelings, and watch over her warmly.

With that, please continue your favors towards S/mileage.

Please excuse me for reporting through this letter on my own accord. “

“Thank you for always supporting me.

I, Ogawa Saki will graduate from Hello! Project and S/mileage on August 27.

After making our major debut last May, I have enjoyed every day as part of S/mileage.
However, somewhere in my heart, the real my S/mileage and me self become distant.
I discussed it with the staff a few times, but I was always troubled. I thought that it would be bad for S/mileage if I were hesitant while everyone else was working with all their might, so I decided to return to being a normal girl.

I am sorry for the last minute announcement.

I do feel sad, but S/mileage’s trademark is always to smile!

I will do my best to finish with a smile until the end of the event on August 27. The remaining times is short, but please support me!

After I graduate, I want to continue supporting S/mileage with its new members.

Thank you for all of your support until now. “


  1. I need to go cry my eyes out right now...
    Sakitty is my favorite in S/mileage, which is the only group in H!P I still follow. She is so talented and this announcement seems so sudden. OMG I can't even right now :'(

  2. This is so sad,with Morning Musume about to loose their Captain,and for me the heart of the group,and the last real link to the great days of Morning Musume,my last real love was S/M who rose up so high with just a small group.Reminded me of the W days.

    I wish Ogawa the best with her studies and future.Why is it always the stars that shine so bright get missed the most.

    Good luck to the rest of S/M and Tsunku-san,lots of memories,reflecting and tears to come.

  3. It looks like KY [Ikuta Erina] may replace Saki as an Oha Girl. The profile matches her. Will know for sure at a later time.

    It`s not confirmed at this time but here are some clues

    The new Oha girl is 14 from Fukuoka and 157cm . KY --- 14 from Fukuoka and 157 cm .KY went short hair to match Saki’s Oha Girl character

  4. I AM crying my eyes out right now! This is so horribly sad! S/mileage has won my heart ever since they officially debuted and Saki has always been my favorite.

    They are a perfect four. Auditions had me down, but now it's much worse. It's so sudden!! I'm going to miss her so much! (;w;)

    My love for the true S/mileage will always remain. Though I will keep an eye on the remaining group- it will never be the same.

    But I must try and be strong for Saki. This is what she wants. My tears are ones of happiness for the time Saki shined for us, and of sadness of her going.

  5. Sakichy Smile Campaign! Give her a warm send off with a smile, just like how S/mileage has been giving us theirs all this time. Send in a 150x200 photo of your smiling face to by Saturday! Please continue to support Saki and S/mileage. More information can be found here:


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