Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fukumura Mizuki Leaves EGGS To Join Morning Musume

Fukumura Mizuki Leaves EGGS To Join Morning Musume

Earlier this evening the official announcement was made that Fukumura Mizuki had ended her EGG training and will now be joining her group mates as an official member of Morning Musume.

 Now you would think that suddenly joining the top unit in the company would go to your head right? Well Fuku-chan had this to say about her promotion.

 "The current Morning Musume is so good at singing and dancing, that if I join and remain as I am, I will stand out as bad... so I will do my very best"

On yesterday’s television broadcast, Tsunku-san had this to say about why Fukumura, who was eliminated in the auditions 3rd round, was added to the group.

Tsunku-san: “From the start, Morning Musume really had a sad part to the group’s sound. Fukumura is capable of emerging or developing sadness within her singing that will create a good kind of “balance” in the group.”

Tsunku-san sees Fuku-chan as a key element to what is missing in Morning Musume to be competitive today with other idol groups.

If you take Tsunku-san`s reasons for adding all four members, each has something that he views is missing from the group.

Tsunku-san`s reasons for adding the other members

Kanon: She has guts. She absolutely will not show fear or nervousness on her face, and that never-say-die spirit is very important for Morning Musume. “

Erina: She has an unending brilliance to her smile. This is an obvious weapon for Morning Musume. When she encounters things she can’t do, she first thinks ‘let me try it and see,’ and she will do as much as she is capable.“

Riho: She is probably #1 at dancing [of the new members] and her expression as a singer is excellent. In a sense, you could say she is already ready for battle. “
[Note-Riho has spent years in a performing arts school; this has helped her gain an edge]

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