Friday, January 28, 2011

Happiness “Kiss Me” Major Debut PV

Happiness “Kiss Me” Major Debut PV

Do not let the look fool you, these girls are not as old as they look, in fact they are born in 95 or 96 making them 14 and 15-year-old girls. However, here is what sets them apart from other groups; they are under the watchful eye and guidance of Exile leader Hiro and his LDH Company. LDH by the way stands for "Love, Dream, and Happiness" representing three female units. Happiness by the way are signed to Universal J, the same label as the newest H!P soloist Kikkawa Yuu .

Happiness is made up of the following members ,who only go by one name : Sayaka ,Mimu , Mayu, Yurino , Kaede , Karen ,Miyuu .

“Kiss Me” which will be released on February 9 ,will mark a new journey for this somewhat new unit who recently served as backup dancers for Exile on their recent tour.

“Kiss Me” will come in the following type’s first edition limited CD + DVD, and CD regular forms. The limited edition CD will come with a special crystal ball Collaboration tote bag [a very popular item for women]. The limited edition CD + DVD version will come with the bonus track “Happy Talk,” their Mister Donuts CM song, and the music video for the title track. The CD regular will also come with the Mister Donuts theme.

“Kiss Me”has that feel of what you expect from the Avex type groups and not traditional cute idols  and in my deep dark secrets be told ,I am drawn to groups like SPEED ,Dream as sometimes I just need a break all the traditional pure cuteness .

Coming from that Exile, Avex type family tree ,it`s no surprise at how well these young women sing and dance for their age. If your not careful the presentation will having you saying they can`t be 15 year olds.

“Kiss Me” and Happiness is well worth taking the time to watch.


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  2. This is growing in me. A bit "mainstream/hip-hop" feel to it, but I still like it I guess.

  3. lebird ,that`s the Exile influence in them.Dream has also switched over to that style now that they have joined their management company.

    Yeah it does grow on you after a few plays.


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