Friday, January 7, 2011

Morning Musume First Meets 9th Gen [New Video]

Morning Musume First Meets 9th Gen New Video

Well the moment that all H!P fans have waited for “Morning Musume Meets 9th Gen” .This includes the shocking 4th member moment .

First thing, you will notice ,Riho is the official mascot member ,Aichan reacts as if she just got a new puppy when she sees Riho. It`s really funny. Then Riho , put`s Aichan on notice ,the leader spot is her target.

If you are a Morning Musume fan ,this is truly a proud moment .

Side note-Tsunku-san posted in his blog that the senior members of Morning Musume are not to be harsh to the new members if they struggle , has becoming a father ,mellowed the man out? .Children will do that to you.

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  1. i like riho...
    but idk why, somehow i got the feeling riho will become a bit arrogant later...
    or maybe shes just got a lot of confidence..

    nd i seem to like kanon more and more

    looks like erina and kanon are pretty close :)
    riho is like idk mikitty ?? :p

    really wanna see momusu with the 9th gen on some shows...
    really 2 bad there is no Hello! Morning anymore
    and they dun appear on music fighter, hey! hey! hey! or anywhere else anymore..
    and 2 bad theres no utaban anymore

  2. They weren't appearing on Utaban anyway. I bet at least one of them got annoyed when the leaders patted them on the head like a child.

  3. yeah looked like riho was a bit annoyed when she got patted on the head!! haha I believe she will be like mikitty.... and kanon so far is my favorite due too her kindness and her personality. Fukumura second, due too her singing, its actually good, Riho third, well although she can dance and has some singing potential she actually doesn't shine too much in my eyes, and last but not least Ikuta, she needs to shine more but her dancing is pretty good :)

  4. Anyone knows if the new members already live in Tokyo or if they had to move there?

  5. lol maybe mikitty is a bit too much xD
    think riho will be more like reina xD
    another yankee ?!?!?
    but shes sooo cute....

    i think erina now is just shy...
    but that doesnt matter... shell get used to it by time..

    I MEAN... looks what happened to eri.. xD
    when she just got in she looked really shy and all as well.... and look @ her a few years later.. xD
    became the biggest dork of momusu xD
    erina will be fine...

    apparently.. xD lol the 9th gen reminds me a lot of the 6th gen xD

  6. I would be very careful in judging the new members attitudes based on the little footage that has come out on them. This is a big change in their lives and a lot to adjust to.

    Give the girls some time to learn from the other members and settle in.

  7. @ gaki
    its just a first impression..

    ofcourse we have to see them more to actually see how they are

    but the first impressions says a lot bout a person...
    or totally not... :p

    i know i know
    we'll see ^^

  8. @ Road ,I know what you mean ,I caught myself doing the same thing , that I just asked everyone not to do, lol.

  9. yep can't wait to see them adjust to being an idol and get comfortable to express themselves better!


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