Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Morning Musume Taken By Surprise

Morning Musume taken by surprise by the addition of a fourth member

Two loyal fans of this site asked me about what happened on stage when Fukumura Mizuki was added.

The members of Morning Musume, just as Mizuki had no idea, that a fourth member was going to be added.

Sayu has blogged about this event. She opening apologized for creating a scene on stage, when she was under the impression that the announcement was going to be  a graduation.

Sayu thought for sure that one or both leaders were going to graduate and she posted in a blog post about the event ,that she was  thinking the following “ I did not want it so much that ,I ended up crying out "No no scary scary-"....I am sorry I was noisy. It was because I was so scared..” Really all the members were in a state of fuss as Sayu called it.

Getting video of this event ,is not easy
1.Up-Front wants to stop any footage from being shown
2.Hamasaki Ayumi suddenly got married and coverage shifted to her.

Audio File


  1. Thanx so much!! although it was a bit surprising it made me laugh. I also heard whimpers.... guesing that was mizuki when she founf out she was in momusu!! or was it Ai..:)

    even without understanding anything...
    or just a bit..

    i was like :o !!!!! AS WELL !!!!
    i can understand the shock everybody had !!!
    i had it as well
    i would have reacted the same as everybody !! lol

    lol now i get sayu xD

    and lol somehow i love the part where mitsii got ''EEEEEHH''-ed

    thnx for sharing :D !!!

  3. @ Road ,Jenny
    I added video to a new post on the front page of the blog. It has some of this.

    Mitsui got Ehhhhhh! because she said that Kanon looked like her.

    Jenny ,both Mizuki and Aichan cry,it`s mostly Mizuki you hear crying. Aichan was more water eyes.

  4. hahahaha yeah I heard the wotas boo or eehhhh mitsui out.. but seriously I don't see hoe suzuki kanon looks like mitsui... sorry aika that was a fail.. wow now ai has someone she an cry with! :)

  5. yea i know xD
    mitsiii xD was fail hahaha

    but really the shock the members and fans had.. was terrifying.....
    really gave me a shock too xD though i already knew what was going to happen


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