Monday, January 31, 2011

PASSPO☆ To Go Major

PASSPO☆ To Go Major

In December, I introduced everyone to the talk of the Indies PASSPO☆ and how they are going to be the next big thing in idol genre. Yesterday PASSPO☆ announced that they are going major after signing a contract with Universal J, who is on an idol-signing run at the moment.

PASSPO☆ presented the news to 1,000 fans with their traditional opening words. “Attention please! We’re Passpo!” PASSPO☆ you would think would have hired a big name designer for their debut costumes, however they have not, PASSPO☆ designed not only their debut costumes, but also their debut single's dance.

PASSPO☆, who will be releasing the major debut "Shoujo Hikou" on April 6, announced that their idol inspirations are the KPOP group SNSD and they will be working hard to reach their international popularity.

PASSPO☆ announced that they plan to go on a world tour [United States + Asia] by the end of the year. Leader Negishi Ai reassured PASSPO☆ fans that, while they are graduating to Majors, they are still the same PASSPO☆. Negishi said the following to their fans “Even though we’re making our major debut, we want to give it our all just like the Indies PASSPO☆. “We want to stand at the top. We have our eye on Oricon’s number one spot!”

"Shoujo Hikou" will not come cheap for fans as it will come in 11 different cover versions .One for each of the 10 members and one group cover [Extra note the member covers are limited editions]. While that is a lot to buy, the somewhat good news is that each copy is only ¥1,000.

One other little note about PASSPO☆ .PASSPO☆ like to use words like takeover, when speaking .Saying things like we're going to takeover the world!', "taking over" the stage, to show their confidence.

They are also very fan friendly ,if there are more fans then tickets at events ,they will let as many people that the venue can hold enter and stand in the back for free.

PASSPO☆ with their flight attendant and travel them songs are ones to watch out for in 2011.

One last note for new international fans on PASSPO☆ new web site they have a message in English, expressing their feelings for their future fans .Be sure to go to the site and read their message of kindness.

PASSPO☆ at the 2010 Tokyo Idol Festival.

Their live stages are not in large venues like Morning Musume or AKB48 [tour lives not, the theater ones], however they are a lot of fun.

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  1. (doing his best Mr Burns impersonation)...EXCELLENT

  2. I LOVE Pasupo.

    I listened to their album TAKE OFF and was totally surprised at how much I liked it! here isn't a song on the album that I don't like! I thought, gee another jpop group when I saw the PV for let It go. But the song is actually super catchy!

    I hope they do well~


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