Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Berryz Koubou International Album Release

Berryz Koubou International Album Release

Berryz Koubou has announced that their 7th album will be an International Release.
The International release will be the same as the one that will be released here[in Japan] .Meaning that the full-length album will be the regular edition booklet and artwork along with a first-press release photo card.

 The album will be released on March 30 and can be purchased outside of Japan in the following locations.

USA, Canada, Mexico.
Other Western Nations through Amazon. COM

Note- All songs and CD content will be in Japanese.


  1. Thats good, i hate imports so this mean i will be buying this!! :)

  2. where can I get this!!!! I need to have it!!! this is great news for their overseas fans XD super excited!

  3. i hope this means that i won't have to pay 30 quid for the album.

  4. ^ british slang for pounds i.e. dollars


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