Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen Official Photos

Morning Musume 9th Gen Official Photos

The 9th generation members have moved one-step closer to becoming official members of Morning Musume.

They now have official one shot profile photos with the rest of Morning Musume.

These official photos are really good and for once all 9th gen members matching new outfits.

Erina by the way ,with her modeling background really stands out with confidence ,in fact all four are showing picture book smiles ,that I am sure that we will be seeing more of in the future.

By the way, there is a matching pattern to the outfits, see if you can spot it.
Hint: Look at each outfit for any changes in color.

New Profile Photo





9th Gen Alone Time

Sayu holding class again


  1. i dont get it xD
    what patterns ?
    mizuki and riho's are pinkish...
    erina and kanon are just black white...
    though erinas got the same outfit as mizuki..
    and riho the same as kanon ????
    that ????

    riho looks really confident.. as always...
    erina... always look like shes scared..

    @ ''the alone time''
    mizuki seems ''shy''.. kanon laughing as always xD

    and sayu is just the best xD always taking pictures for her blog.. xD

  2. Yeah you got it .

    I think Mizuki is listening ,because if you look in the mirror a manager is with them

  3. wow!! they all look amazing although erina was a former model yet her picture looks a bit weird. the outfits are great by the way can't wait for their next single!!


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