Monday, January 17, 2011

New Blog Photos Of Morning Musume 9th Gen

We still do not have much information to do much of a write up on the 9th generation .Thankfully the senior members of Morning Musume have been sharing little bits of news and photos in their blogs. Hey H!P here is an idea  make a 9th gen blog ,so fans can learn about the 9th gen and their training and activities ,so when they make their official debut ,they will have fans.

Speaking of 9th generation, looks like they have been at it again.

Erina has brought gifts to the group [Thanks to Aichan`s blog]

And Sayu has already started to “train/influence/mind manipulation” whatever Sayu`s charm does to people by having the 9th gen create their own generation symbol for photos.

When Sayu gets to be the sub-leader later this year ,watch out because the 9th gen are going to be something to see on television ,when Sayu get’s through with them ,cuteness will overflow Morning Musume.

 Sayu teaching the new 9th gen symbol

In Aika's blog she hints that 9th gen will not have solo teachers , but the group will train them by example.
Also, I now have kouhais
And again this time it doesn’t seem like there will be anyone to train them officially
so I hope we can all become friends as soon as possible

Kanon has become a hometown and Prefecture celebrity as she had a write up in her Prefecture newspaper. She is being called Aichi’s Star of Hope  .Sayu was also excited at this news and made sure to share it with her fans .

Here is a larger photo of the newspaper


  1. hey i hope that guy over at Up front link acn pass over readers comments cos that idea of a 9th gen blog is a goon one. it seems that there's lots of info on Riho and Mizuki, a bit on Erina and hardly anything on Kanon.

  2. YAY COOKIES !!!! :D
    UFA and H!P better protect/back up erina when necessarily...

    anyways im really happy with the 9th gen :D
    and id be even more happy if sayu really becomes the subleader :D

  3. Cool!!!! They are definately gonna be great. and yeah erina needs protection from these pathetic fans who don't think about the girls feelings at all!!

  4. My understanding of their member order is that with Eri graduated that Sayu is next below Risa. I feel good in saying that it will be Sayu, it`s will be her or Reina, so I have a 50% chance to be right, lol.

  5. Erina will be fine after the group gets going as nine members; she has more pro fans then antis. The anti’s main concern is if she loves Musume as much as she does AKB48. They point out that she was in many AKB fan groups, cried at the handshake event.

    Most new idols were not born when Morning Musume started, so yeah AKB48 will be whom they support, as they are on TV every night of the week.
    We do not know how Erina reacted when told that she was going to join Morning Musume, it was never shown.

    I look at it like this.

    First gen AKB joined AKB because they were inspired to become idols by Morning Musume .Erina was inspired to audition for Morning Musume, because her idol is Oshima Yuko and she wants to be like her an idol.

    Also Erina stop trying to be short in photos .

  6. wasnt erina's idol kojiharu ??
    i love oshima yuko (and takamina) xD
    a bit contradicting.... xD
    but yukos a good actress...
    and takamina is just funny
    even as H!P fan i cant deny that...

    haha LOL bout her trying to be short xD
    but its somehow odd.. when ure taller than the others... (though kaorin was awesome xD)
    the 2nd pic is just caus else she would block mizuki


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