Monday, January 3, 2011

Kikkawa Yuu - Sayonara Namida

Kikkawa Yuu - Sayonara Namida

Kikkawa Yuu fans, you have waited a very long time to feel that your idol received what she deserved .You will not be disappointed in Yuu.

Here is Kikkawa Yuu, singing her original song “Sayonara Namida”


  1. oh maaii gaad,,,,

    the song is really AWESOME !!!!
    really wanna listen to the HQ vers..
    but even to this concert rip i can listen to it over and over again :D

    kikka did not disappoint me.. as expected :D

  2. @ Road ,

    It really was a good song .I am happy for her and her fans. Looking forward to seeing how well she will do.

  3. She's going to do SO much better than Mano, she dances better and her vocals are better. Plus the song is really good, can't wait to here when she's going to release it. might here soon that it's her first indie single. really can't wait for her to debut. she really deserves it.

  4. @Kira

    Even though I'm afraid, your right.
    Yuu has a better voice than Mano and seems more experienced. I just really hope Mano fans don't abandon her for Yuu. Because you know, everyone's not perfect and I like Mano.


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