Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Suzuki Kanon Morning Musume 9th Generation Member

One of  the newest members of Morning Musume Suzuki Kanon recently had a story done on her by her Prefecture newspaper. Instead of translating the article line for line ,I have decided to use it to make a recap bio for our newest Musume.

Nagoya Cultural Center an anxious idol speaks out to the crowd in attendance . "I'm 12 years old, I'm in 6th grade of primary school. Please treat me well" With these words Suzuki Kanon returned to her hometown as a new member of Morning Musume and with those words ,she will forever go down in the history books of the genre.

You see Kanon is the first Musume ever to come from the Tokai region. Tokai by the way is made up of Aichi ,Shizuoka ,Mie and Southern Gifu.

This moment was also special for another reason as Kanon proudly explained to  Leader Takahashi Ai "The concert hall is near my house. I'm relieved that I'll be able to return home soon" leading to the crowd chanting "do your best!" to Zukki a nickname that was assigned to her by Tsunku.

Kanon it seems will be one of the more athletic members, as she was a member of her school softball team and earned 3rd and 5th place in two grade school marathons.

Her favorite foods are karubi [beef ribs] and cow offal , she dislikes watermelon, arithmetic and cooking.

Kanon was born on August 5 ,1998 in  Aichi Prefecture  and has B blood type and a little sister.

Her fellow 9th generation members describe her as having a cute smile ,energetic and makes friends easily .

9th generation will officially join Morning Musume at the end of the current H!P tour and will make their official tour debut on Morning Musume`s spring tour in March.

From the looks of things, Zukki will be a very out going member of Morning Musume.


  1. really ??? most athletic ???... kinda though riho would be...
    and how can u dislike watermelon >_< !!!! XD haha

    shes born just 2 days after me.. (+6 years)
    wow 6 years.. thats a lot... means wow shes young :o

    cant wait to see more of the 9th gen after the tour :D

  2. yep yep!! this girl gonna be a great addition to momusu. wow didn't think she would be athletic. Makes me like her more. although riho prob. would be best dancer. erina will be best at....... Trying her best.. srry don't know what she's good at yet. and mizuki will be best with vocals!!


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