Monday, January 24, 2011

Takahashi Ai After Graduation New Career

Many Fans have been wondering what Morning Musume leader Takahashi Ai would be doing after she graduates from Morning Musume.

I am glad to say that I think that it is something that she will have great success with. Takahashi Ai will be entering ‘musical theatre’. This combines two of her strong points into one role. Takahashi has already secured a post Morning Musume job, by taking on the role of ‘Sarah’ in the musical play “Dance of the Vampire.”  The play will run from November 27 until December 24.

When asked about how she felt about getting this part, Takahashi said “Right now I have the feeling, ‘I want to be on stage!!’. When I heard that I would be in the play, I was so happy that I cried.”

This is a win all the way around for Aichan , it combines two of her strong points into one role and leaves open the door for her to someday release a new record or enter movies and dramas . Sort of like the Abe Natsumi of this current version of the group.


  1. Congrats Ai-chan! I really don't know how I'd feel without her strong vocals in the group once she graduates... It'll take some getting used to I think.

    However, that's where I'm really looking forward to how the 9th gen would fair, the new members each bring something into the group, really am quite happy with all four of the girls. :D

    Quite surprised that Ai has already secured a job once she graduates. Maybe the other entertainment companies all have eyed her for ages? Just a guess...XD

    Been MIA for a long~~~ while, been so busy @@ But I have been coming and reading all the posts, just not commenting..haha

    Keep up the good job, Gaki! ^^

  2. @ Chanting
    She likely had the job before the graduation announcement was made. Her leaving will weaken the group for a little bit, but I have not seen the overall insider industry excitement for this group in sometime, as I have with 9th generation entering. It`s like it has given the group a much needed rebirth. Many celebrities who are not even in music are blogging about how cute the 9th generation is. I do not know if it will lead to more sales yet, but the excitement about the 9th generation is building.

    Glad that you are well, hope your family is well.

    Thank you for the kind words and support.


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