Tuesday, January 4, 2011

AKB48: New Years Special Variety Show

UPDATE; Download is now up

AKB48: New Years Special Variety Show

AKB48 held their own “New Years Special Variety Show” the other night.

The show was called
“Akemashite AKB! 2011 nen mo Gachi de Ikimasu, Name de Haregi de Zenin Shugou Daishinnenkai Special“

This special was like the old Onyanko Club television show .In fact it followed much of the same episode format.

The show featured music ,games , and special guest stars who are big AKB48 fans .The games are important as not only could fans vote on which team would win , prizes were given out to the winners.AKB48 members also made special phone calls.

A lot was invested into this program ,and is a must watch for AKB fans who enjoy their team battles.

Song Segment and Slide Game .Each wrong answer the slide will go higher.
Haregi Pair Gesture Game: Secret guests who are fans of AKB48 try to guess the gestures that AKB48 is making
Sae makes a phone call + Sayaka vs a Tuna
SHIODOME obstacle race”:Team race for the Tuna that Sayaka Cut
Opinion Poll Game + More Phone calls
AKB Tsume Houdai : Battle between the young vs adult members .
3 minutes to stuff the most members in a phone box , w/ penalty for losing team.

[7 part split file]
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

This is a long program and had to be put in a MP 4 split file format. The seven files should be downloaded first and extracted together, by any program that is good at putting split files together as a single file. [There a number of free file programs , if you do not have one].

When ever possible, I will upload programs as one file, this time it could not be helped.

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