Friday, January 28, 2011

Momoiro Clover “Mirai Bowl” PV

Momoiro Clover “Mirai Bowl” PV

I really do not want to give a lot away as this is worth watching and the readers deciding how they feel about the video .I will say this, their costume women did a great job in picking out their second outfits. If Momoka`s second outfit and wig does not win your heart, then nothing will.

Time to hit replay,lol.

Oh almost forgot the CD version on Type  A ,the PV is  9 min 20 sec long


  1. Akari, please don't graduate. Whose gonna rap in Momoiro Clover? Whose gonna be the only convincing ikemen on the group?!?!

    (But if they ever get around to filming Mendol2, maybe you could audition to join?)

    And nice to see that the director was a fan of Grease.

  2. Kanako is SO the ranger red from power rangers.

  3. the outfits with the heart reminds me of C-ute and Berryz @ a wonderfull hearts concert lol

    akari is one stunning dude xD
    the pv is funny.. the song is amusing..
    but its not a song to listen to on ur ipod or something.....

    the bowling part was funny xD

    wow the rapp part was really awesome. my fav part of the song !!!
    and the part @ 3:29

    i dont want akari to go :'(
    look how cute shes here >_< !!!!!!

    i wanna see them perform this song... WITH AKARI !!!!!

  4. akari really looks handsome and her rap is the best... I don't want her to go. @Road yeah the costumes do resemble C-ute's outfit. I noticed that in the beginning too! so far this song is better then their other ones. it fits them :)

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  6. had to remove my comment because I forgot to add something...

    WOW! I love the direction Momoclo is taking. The song is sooooooo catchy, and the PV is entertaining!! *puts on repeat for like forever*

    I really don't want Akari to go!!!! Her raps ARE THE BEST! I look forward to them in every song! DON'T GO AKARI! WE LOVE YOU!!!

    @Road K
    ARE YOU JOKING? I NEED THIS SONG ON MY IPOD. THIS IS GOING ON MY IPOD AS SOON AS BUY IT. This is the PERFECT song to listen to when I'm feeling down.

  7. @ cany haha really ?? :p
    i only like the song with the MV XD


  8. Sorry but I don't like seeing girls dressed as men. Akiri please don't go !

  9. LOVE IT! MomoClo never fails to impress me & Akari =( (p.s. she makes one HOT HOT dude hehe)

  10. It reminded me a bit of Renai Circulation because of the narration-ish part in the song, lol. I love it. MomoClo is just so new and fresh and different and I'm so thankful I can hear their songs and I know they'll do great in the future! Sans Akari :( I mean, can't they do anything about it? Akari is a vital part of the group. Who's going to be the uke to Kanako's seme now? Screw the anti-fans! Huhu. I love the PV. I clicked the replay button so hard. Pfft. I need to buy the CD. I'm thinking of going to Japan just to see them perform ARGH. :) Rabu rabu MomoClo!

    @Road K.
    I beg to disagree! I would put this on my iPod in a heartbeat! This just makes me smile for no reason at all. :)


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