Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sayashi Mania has hit the H!P fan base

Sayashi Mania has hit the H!P fan base

On the Jan 3 Winter Concert Riho worked as assistant MC ,during the 3rd MC segment. In other Riho related news ,Sayashi Mania has hit the H!P fan base .

Riho has only been in Morning Musume for one day ,yet she already has an OPV with 5,000+ views .This girl is going to make this company some serious revenue if marketed right. She is quickly becoming a big fan favorite for wotas.

NOTE- Just to be clear all of 9th Gen are taking part in the concerts each day and not just Riho

Riho OPV



  1. Little note about something that I posted yesterday. I went back to double check Sayu`s comments. Sayu said that she thought the leaders were going to graduate, and that would make her leader .She screamed out No! No! As Tsunku-san was speaking to announce the fourth member. Sayu apologized for making the fuss, because as she said, she is not ready for another graduation.

    Not that this matters a lot, I just wanted to make sure, that I remarked on her correctly.

  2. lol riho xD
    shell do great for H!P :D i hope

    lol bout the sayu xD
    wow that would have been a shock.. xD
    we are also no ready for another graduation >_< XD

    if leader was going to graduate that wouldnt make sayu leader ???.... where did gaki go then ?? XD

    lol sayu is so random >_<

  3. Sayu`s was more like one or the other or both. The end result puts her at sub-leader to Risa or leader if both ,with Reina as sub to Sayu.

    Sayu really screams ,it was impressive .

  4. uve seen it ???? how :o i wanna watch too.... xD

  5. Man I wish I could have seen that!! sayu lives in her own world!! and riho prob is going to be the next goto maki. she has a lot of potential!

  6. @ Road & Jenny

    Heard it ,UP-Front has been active in removing video.

    Give me a few minutes and I will upload the audio file

    I didn`t get to go to the event , due to other needs that day, however one of my close friends is a wota and through that friendship ,they let me know about things when my own music life gets in the way.

    Any I was able to get the full concert audio and the Sayu part as a separate file.

    Give me a few minutes and I`ll upload Sayu`s part.


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