Thursday, January 27, 2011

Site News:New Member

Site News:New Member

I just wanted to tell everyone that a friend of mine has decided to join the staff. He is an idol fan, a music fan and a guitarist. He is a type of person from a writer’s point of view, that will give you news, things to think about, idol and wota history.

As we both come from music backgrounds, music careers in our private lives, he is someone that I know will watch over the readers of this site, when I am away.

This allows us to look at things a little differently in our opinions at times. He is currently undergoing treatment for a back injury, so he maybe able to join before the end of the week, if the treatments go well. [Hope he does not mind me saying that, lol]

Whenever he is able officially to start, I know that each of you will show him the same kindness and support that you have shown me.

On a personal note.
When I opened this site ,I was unsure if I wanted to write in Japanese or English .The kindness and support that you have shown me ,has made the decision a lot of fun.

With your blessings as we move forward growing, I would like to bring you even more artists outside of just idols. There are a number of artists and genres here that at times we may like to present.

Thank you, for your support.


  1. Us, readers, are the ones who should be thanking you for taking out of your spare time to share what you know with us.
    You have also given me good moments with your posts and uploaded TV shows.
    It's nice to know that you like the feedback from the readers. Sometimes I'm afraid of posting too much, or being the obnoxious commenter.
    This is the best blog there is around.
    Good luck for the new writer.

  2. I agree completely with lebird.

    I live in the US, and I love your updates because you post information that other blogs don't post. Like information about indie and new groups. keep up the good work and welcome, new writer~

  3. Thank you for the kind words. I enjoy reading the comments and things .

    There is no limit to how much you can comment, so lebird please comment as much as you feel like it.

    This is a wonderful genre from the smallest to largest

  4. OMG!!! can't believe I missed this piece of news!!! Anyway I will support this person aswell and this blog is the best for non Japanese speakers. You translate the best news and thanx to you I don't have to go to google translator, where I understand nothing even if I try my best to make sense of it! So Thank You so much and congrats on a new member!!!!! XD

  5. @ Twin
    Thanks, I am sure everyone will like this new member. There are many things we can do with him joining. We want to create at some point our own subbing team and some other things.

    He really likes Indies, like me so you may see many new groups being added to the site.

    Right now, he is having many back issues, so I do not know what day he will join just yet.


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