Wednesday, January 12, 2011

S/mileage 4th Single PV

S/mileage 4th Single PV

S/mileage has released their PV for their fourth major label release ‘Shortcut”.

The song is H!P style catchy ,If you have followed this site for any amount of time ,then you should be starting to tell that each group covered has their own sound and style.

The second that you hear the intro, you know that this is an S/mileage song .The PV is all right, it in some ways feels like an Indie idol PV.


  1. im always amazed by dawa's legs xD theyre soo long xD
    still trying to get used to yuukarin's short hair xD

    the song is alright..
    never been a big fan of smileage's songs..
    but i suppose theyre cute :p

    and im just glad another group of H!P got a new song ^^

    waiting for the pvs of the other groups with new singles

  2. YAY!! FOR SAKI'S HIGH NOTE AT THE END!! although the song isn't 10/10 I will give it a 8/10 it got an eight do too the randomness of them being on the moon!! and saki's high ote in the end XD


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