Friday, January 21, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen On Bijo Gaku

This week the 9th gen segment was short, but one that was very important. There is no longer any excuse for them not to know about Morning Musume`s history and songs.

Work has now started for the 9th gen.

Here are the member comments

Fukumura Mizuki: "I feel like I've become a fan! I am happy I got all this. These are all things our senpai’s have made, so I want to make sure I do not make any mistakes. I enjoy remembering these things too, so I think I'll be able to remember it, but I am kind of nervous."

[Fuku-chan means becoming like a wota collecting all the goods]

Ikuta Erina: "When I went to karaoke it said there were 192 Morning Musume songs, but it didn't feel real at the time. Having received the CDs, realizing there are this many songs, it felt very real!"

Sayashi Riho: "I really love Morning Musume-san, and I've been accepted into the group, so I want to hold on to these feelings while doing my utmost to remember it all."


  1. Is this the one when Kanon was off sick?

    WOW!!!! i wonder how long they have to get used to all those songs? i know Mizuki will be alright and i have a feeling Riho wont be troubled much by it but Erina and Kanon will have a bit of trouble.

    Do you know if the management did this with all the other girls when they joined?

  2. Kira ,yeah Kanon was sick.

    That’s my understanding that they gave each generation ,everything up to that point .Music ,DVDs ,the same concert videos that Musume gets to review their performance for errors, that are just for the group ,group history and so on. Traditionally every company does something like this.

    They officially join [training with] the group after the winter concert tour and will be on the spring Musume tour. I think that starts in March or early April.

    For now ,they really only need to learn the set list for the spring tour ,any history they can as now the generations will be girls who were 1-2 yrs old or not born when Musume started .

    What I like is that Erina spoke up and talked about going out to sing the songs at Karaoke .Hopefully this will calm any questions about her loyalties to the group and her fan girl past with AKB.

    Mizuki is the best thing to happen to 9th gen ,she can help them learn so much about H!P that the other generations had to face alone at first. Each new gen should have an older EGG member.

  3. just knowing all songs or like knowing all songs as in knowing the lyrics and all xD
    thats gonna be sooooo hard.. .xD LOL

    they got all singles and albums :o !!! want those too :o !!!

    2bad kanon was sick

    btw its the first time i really heard erina speak :o..
    loving the part where she said ''nankore yaba'' +her laugh

  4. Does Erina say "What is it?"(english) at 0:33/o:34 in the video? Or am I just hearing things?


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