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Morning Musume 9th Gen Interview

Recently the 9th generation members of Morning Musume had an media interview .It`s their first known media interview since joining the unit.

Oh one more thing; Before reading this interview ,I felt that Kanon would be this generation Kamei Eri .Thanks to Riho ,I think Erina will be our Eri like member.
A lot has been said about Erina and her liking of AKB48. What no one knew but her, was that she wanted to enter the Morning Musume 8th gen auditions, but was just in the 3rd grade. Morning Musume means a lot to each new member ,from Riho`s kindergarten goal to be Musume`s future leader to Kanon`s standing next to her celebrities and wondering if she is good enough to be one of them.

Without knowing anything about the ones who didn`t make the group, I do not think they could have selected a better group of young women to enter Morning Musume.

Someday, the fabulous five will graduate and the future of Morning Musume will be built on the determination of these four young women and their sister generations.

What made you decide to take the audition?
Mizuki: I have loved Morning Musume since I was little, so I took the egg audition in 5th grade. This time I thought it was a chance to join Morning Musume, and I applied.
Kanon: One day when I was out walking with my mom she Said, "It looks like they're doing auditions now." so I said "Really, then I'll try auditioning!"
Riho: When I was in kindergarten at our play-meet we did "Go girl~" and that became my encouragement to become a singer. This time on the internet, I found an article about the auditions , so I applied right away.
Erina: I first liked Morning Musume from "Mr. Moonlight~" and I wanted to audition during the 8th gen auditions but I was only in 3rd grade at the time. After 4 years when I heard they were having this audition, I thought I would apply.

How did you feel right when you heard you were accepted?
Mizuki: When they said someone from the eggs, I was sure it was not me, so I was shocked.
Kanon: "Are they ok with me? I've never sung or dance, so if I join it might become an issue," I thought, but I knew I should not say that, so I just kept quiet .
Riho: When I first heard I was accepted I did not really get the sense that it had happened. When I looked at the acceptance documents there were many difficult words written, that made me think, "I've really entered into the adult world."
Erina: During the auditions, I thought I failed at both dancing and singing, so I wondered if it would be OK for me to be accepted. When I first heard I had been, I do not know how to express how happy I was.

Tell us about when you first met the Morning Musume Members
Mizuki: I thought Michishige-san is really kind and funny. Takahashi-san was very kind, Mitsui-san was smiling the whole time; I had an image that Niigaki-san would be very strict when we were together practicing lessons but she is also very kind. I thought Tanaka-san's accent is cute.
Kanon: On the first day, I was like Wow, celebrities! When I gave Michishige-san candies, I wanted her to remember who I was.
Riho: I had been able to perform with them before on the "Fashionable" stage. When I passed this time and went to shake their hands, they said, "Long time no see!" so I was happy that they remembered me.
Erina: I thought, "Everyone's faces are so tiny." When I was at the training camp, I made mistakes dancing and singing in front of only a few people, but the members were performing in front of so many people without making any mistakes. I thought that was amazing.

Your impressions of the other 9th generation members?
Mizuki: Riho-chan left the impression of being a good dancer. Erina-chan seemed quiet at first but she actually has a very vibrant loud voice. I thought Kanon-chan was funny from when I saw her do her one-minute play during the auditions.
Kanon: Riho-chan comes across really cool, but in the practice room, she did Comanechi! [note can also be spelled with a K] Erina-chan came and talked to me first. When I am alone with Fukumura-san, I feel like she is an older sister.
Riho: At first, they told me that I was quiet, so I went full out being friendlier. Kanon-chan also got excited so it was fun. Fukumura-san has taught me many things about politeness and courtesy so I will be relying on her. Erina-chan seems like a bit of an airhead.

Erina: Kanon-chan is a girl who is always smiling; I want to learn from that. When I saw, Mizuki sing Maji Bomber! I felt her love towards Hello!Project. Riho looks quiet usually but when she dances, it is as if a switch turns on. I think her dances can show her expressions.

Kanon means this :Oh Sayu if you please.

Thank you Sayu

Your goals for the future?
Mizuki: I want to become a person who can sing sad and happy songs. I am going to be aware of myself as a Morning Musume member from now on, and work to distinguish myself within the group.
Kanon: I want to make all the fans smile in many different ways. I want to become a character who people naturally smile being around. Also, I would like to learn some foreign languages so I can go around the world singing and dancing!
Riho: In the end, I want to end up as the leader, so I am going to be tough on myself. I am going to work hard to improve my skills and expressions.
Erina: I am not good at singing, so I will try to do my best with dancing and talking first!

Interview Scan

Extra 9th Gen short radio promo ,about 5 minutes at the start of this broadcast.

Kanon Drawing [Aichan`s Blog]


  1. Shine on you crazy Sayu!! XD

    Thanks for the trans!!

    (Oh and well done Kikkawa Yuu on her major debut with the universal japan label!! it was confirmed today!)

  2. omg i realy love the 9th gen >_<

    sayu really left a really good impression with the 9th gen :D
    love that she often post bout the 9th gen on her blog.. mostly bout kanon xD hahaha
    love sayu !! :D

    riho seems to be really kind after all huh :D
    kanon sure is the mood maker :D
    lol xD seems eri as well xD theres a really fun girl underneath that shy appearance.. :)
    mizuki :D teach them well ^^

  3. Wow, thank you for posting this.

  4. Had a lot to do last night, so will be telling you all the Yuu news shortly and other things.

  5. erina seem to be very peppy which is good she kinda reminds me of Ai in a way. Riho seems like she"ll be serious during practice but breaks she would have fun. Mizuki seems like a calm,good hearted girl, seems the singing parts of kamei might go to her or mitsui. Kanon!! fuuny as always! can't wait to see Yuu debut single can't wait. heard a lot of great reviews from fans and press! GO YUU!!!!

  6. For 9th Gen fans ,will be posting more on them this morning.


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