Tuesday, January 4, 2011

AKB48`s Itano Debuts Sister On Twitter

AKB48`s Itano Debuts Sister On Twitter

AKB48’s Itano Tomomi shocked her 100,000 followers on twitter by “debuting” her 15-year-old younger sister. The older Itano posed with her little sister for a series of two shots.

For sometime now Itano`s fans have wanted to see her sister, for an idol to do so is vary rare. Morning Musume`s Kamei Eri did not even mention that she had a sister, until H!P wotas discovered that her little sister is a model ,forcing a brief mention.

Itano`s two shot sent her legion of followers into a frenzy of madness  and for the younger Itano a ready fan base ,who immediately started asking big sister if the younger Itano is going to make her  idol debut soon.

Itano`s fans  have already declared their loyalty to her younger sister and have gone so far as to proclaim “she would become one of the top girls if she joined akb48” .

One of the oddities with idol genre is that you can never tell ,if something posted is just a random twitter or blog post or something more. Everything that idols do is closely watched and many are speculating between Tomomi simply responding to her fans requests ,with a fan service two shot with her sister or Tomomi supporting her sister through her fans ,with a “pre-debut photo”.

For what ever her reasons ,Tomomi has launched her younger sister into the world of wota worship .

Will we see more of the younger sister in the weeks to come ? For now here are the double Itano`s .


  1. I love Itano!!!

    However, why are their fans for her younger sister already? They've only seen a picture of her and she hasn't even sung anything or danced.

    Her sister is her own person and should be judged and loved for that reason, not because she's related to Itano.

  2. @ Candy
    It`s Tomomi`s wotas duty to support her sister, it would be an insult to Tomomi, for them not to. Because Tomomi`s wotas are devoted to just Tomomi, her sister is supported regardless of what she does.

    But, there is nothing for now that says, she is even going to debut .Tomomi just did a two shot with her, because Tomomi`s fans asked her to do it for a long time now.

    This is more about how wotas society works and not easy to explain in a short comment box.

  3. @Gaki

    Oh! I see.
    But I still think Tonomi's sister should gain fans without the influence of Tonomi because their not supporting her for who she is. I guess there are some things I just will never understand...

  4. I'm pretty Eri used to mention her sister on the GakiKame radio show before she debuted as a model. Stories about how she'd buy Eri socks and such xD

    Tomochin's sister is certainly cute. I'd love to see her debut as an idol. I wonder if her appearance will quell the masses who are convinced that Tomochin got plastic surgery.


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