Monday, January 3, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen: Coverage Pt 2

Part 1 coverage

This new member audition is getting a lot of media coverage, so I needed to start a new post to continue the coverage.

I understand that everyone is wanting to see news video and audio, however it`s in the middle of the night right now and other programs are on. I appreciate everyone’s patience.

More news photos from the event

New Morning Musume 1st Stage

Sayu blogged about the new members, she said after the first three were announced, Tsunku-san said that he had another important announcement .Sayu screamed and thought that she was graduating. They then announced the fourth member of Morning Musume.

Is it wrong of me to want Sayu and Reina to be leader and sub leader for the 9th gen .Kawaii Musume + Attitude!

Really, hope they push hard for a comedy variety show like AKB48. I think the 9th gen has some fight in them, they in their interviews on stage, declared the following

Riho-said that she wants to become the leader ,Kanon- said she is shooting for the center position .A comedy variety show maybe just what 9th gen needs to grow now.

Riho has a lot of wota support ,Kanon a good amount ,Erina - Wotas right now can’t get over her love affair for AKB48 . H!P wotas are just going to have to learn to grow up deal with it.


  1. Aww Mizuki is crying, She must be really happy :'( good for her! I am the same age as Mizuki (Im 10 days older though! Haa)

  2. @Anonymous, Mizuki had no idea she was going to be a member, She was told on stage in front of everybody as the added surprise member.

    Even Musume members did not know that she was going to join. She was really surprised by this announcement.

    Even Aichan cried some with her

  3. I'm so happy that Kanon got in. I was rooting for her!!

  4. LOOOOOL @ sayu's part !!! XDD
    wonder why she thought that... xD
    no way
    im gonna predict it..
    sayu will be momusu's 7th leader !!!!

    lol i really wanna watch it !!! >_< !! XD

  5. hahaha Sayu!! but im glad that an eggand Kanon made it and now onto the new 9nin momusu!! I am expecting their songs to be great because berryz and c-ute's new songs are amazing!!!!

  6. @ Road & Jenny
    Well Sayu`s reaction comes from the fact that no one in Momusu knew before hand that a 4th member was joining. Even Mizuki did not know until her name was called. Sayu`s mind is one of the great wonders of the world, lol.

  7. lol with erina...
    we just need some time.. :/ xD
    its not just a matter of growing up xD
    idk its just odd to deal with it ..:/
    we'll see

    haha riho as leader.. xD thatll take a lot of time before that happeneds...

    yea BK and C's songs are awesome :D


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