Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen: Nicknames

Morning Musume`s leader Takahashi Ai, has uploaded a picture on her blog of the new Morning Musume. She also includes the new member’s nicknames. She does not explain if she or the group gave them the nicknames or management.

She just has the photo with New!!!!!! Morning Musume


The nicknames are as follows according to Aichan.



EriBon Edit I made a typo ,in my rush to post this my bad ,Sorry about that.
EDIT- Eripon


From Sayu`s Blog

Morning Musume Reborn.

The new members have joined and this is the new order Morning Musume.

Fuku-chan - Fukumura Mizuki
Zuki-chan - Suzuki Kanon
Eripon-chan - Ikuta Erina
Yasshi-chan - Sayashi Riho.

From here on in we will work hard together!
Please support us!

The other H!P Groups have also started to blog about 9th Gen and take two shot photos.


  1. I don't really like that most of their nicknames are based of their last name instead of first. XD

  2. @AimxAim
    It makes sense in Japanese culture because when you first meet someone you call them by their last name. In my Japanese class everyone was called by their last and I still don't know most of their first names.

  3. C-ute !!!!!!
    love the pics :D
    Nakki's bare forehead is soooo <3 !!!
    kanon looks really pretty :D
    CHisaaa :D

    i like riho.. shes pretty and cute :D
    though theres something bout her that makes me idk have a ''disliking'' feeling bout her :/
    dunnow what it is :/

    though it seems @ the group pic.. kanon fits momusu best.. :p

    the nicks are ok....
    i prefer ricchan for riho xD
    eripon sounds funny..
    theres much u can make with erina... everything sounds like eririn's

  4. @Mina: I know that Japanese people are usually called by their last name. I just think it's weird for a Morning Musume member's nickname to be a last name because a majority of Momusu nicknames are using their first name. There's only about 7 using the last name, the rest use the first name.


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