Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kikka Channel Episodes 2, 3,

Kikka Channel Episodes 2, 3,

As mentioned earlier, Kikkawa Yuu has an ongoing Universal promotion called Kikka Channel. Kikka Channel is not your normal idol or group channel that we have seen in the past. Kikka Channel is a walk through the debut of Kikkawa.

Episodes two and three are now out for viewing.

Episode Two

Episode Three



  1. the songs shes got are nice..
    nd she sounds a little bit like gocchin when shes singing...

    ahw kikka dun cry
    kikka will be H!P's new ace :D

    btw nice new lay out..
    g2 get used to it.. but its nice

  2. Road, so do we .lol we have some very creative design friends. It may take everybody a day or two to find their way around .This new style will allow us to cover many more artists on the site and give everything order.


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