Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen Chronicles Chapter 5

Morning Musume 9th Gen Chronicles Chapter 5
Sayumi has blessed Morning Musume fans with a new series of 9th generation blog posts

Chapter 5

Titled: Kyun Gen

Fukuchan hiding her whole body in her clothes
It’s kind of Kyun-heart stopping from the cuteness, so I took a picture

Rolling up, that is so cute

And behind her, Yasshii she let me get a shot


Or rather, Sayashii compared to the other new members, has this image that she hasn’t together with us seniors yet so,
I was happy she let Sayumi take a picture it was uplifting
Realllly. Each of them is adorable
9th gen cuties. Sheesh, you could call them Kyun Gen
Kyun-heart stopping [she means = emotionally heart stopping]

Titled: Zukki-esque

“I’m, not really like a strawberries,” Zukki.
“That’s not it, hey, smile”
And when I faced the camera at her, her whole face went into a smile

“Isn’t that cute, see, it’s like a strawberry,”
When I showed her the picture she got shy

She brought a chocolate,
“This kind of color suits me better, as I thought this is for me,” Zukki.

“I’ll take a picture for you! Ah, make a funny face~,” being nonsensical…
Just when I thought that, she did it easily (lol)
Of course, more than the vibrant feeling of the strawberry, the chocolate monotone, plus the funny face might be more Zukki-esque



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