Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Takahashi Ai: “Bittersweet Angel: Fumina’s Story”

Takahashi Ai: “Bittersweet Angel: Fumina’s Story”

Morning Musume leader Takahashi Ai is co-staring with Sakurada Dori in a drama called “Koi Choco“.

“Koi Chocó” is a collaboration project between BS-TBS and confectionary Morinaga Seika’s “Carre de chocolat” product. This drama is different then your traditional dramas as it are an “ARV (Argument Reality + VTR) drama”. ARV dramas are “Koi Choco” app for Android phones. Each episode can be acquired by snapping a photo of a “Carre de chocolat” package. Since there are four kinds of “Carre de chocolat” flavors, fans can collect four different videos from the drama!

The drama has two different stories: “Bittersweet Angel” (Takahashi and Sakurada) and “Amadan” (Matsushima Shota and Murakami Haruna). Each story comes in different versions allowing fans to follow the episodes from different viewpoints.

For “Bittersweet Angel”, fans can grab “Fumina’s Case” and “Anju’s Case“, while “Amadan” has “Mero Drama Version” and “Seibugeki Version“.

“Bittersweet Angel: Fumina’s Story”
This is the “Fumina’s Case version, which follows Ai-chan. In this version, Ai plays Fumina, a girl who cannot find the courage to confess to her crush on Valentine’s Day.

Ai is visited by the angel Anju, who helps her with confession and her present. Fumina ends up falling into a forbidden love with the angel. Will Fumina end up heart broken or will the angel return to grant Fumina her true love.

Web Site for the Stage Play Ai will do after leaving Morning Musume

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