Thursday, February 17, 2011

AKB48 20th Single Debuts At #1 W/Sales Of 655,000

AKB48 Debuts at #1 W/Sales Of 655,000

The super idol group that is AKB48 continues it`s strangle hold on number one and record breaking sales as their 20th single “Sakura no Ki ni Naoru” entered the daily charts at number one with single day sales of 655,344. This sales number gives AKB48 a real chance at it`s second straight million selling CD as “Sakura no Ki ni Naoru” outsold “Beginner’s” opening day totals 655,344 to 568,095.

With market analysts already projecting “Sakura no Ki ni Naoru” to follow “Beginner” and cross a million in sales, is this becoming the new sales standards for AKB48? moreover, will their fans now consider their releases sales failures if they do not cross a million in sales?

With AKB48 coming out of the starting gates strong and setting a tone for the year ,how will the other major power groups plan to confront this seemingly unstoppable idol force ?

“Sakura no Ki ni Naoru”

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  1. YES!! I love this single!!
    AK ballads are the best, and the covers for this single are beautiful. Jurina is so pretty here too! I can easily see this reaching 1 million sales.


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