Saturday, February 26, 2011

Momoiro Clover's Akari Update - Future Speculation

Momoiro Clover's Akari  Update [ Future Speculation]?

Momoiro Clover's Hayami Akari who recently announced that she was leaving the group, with very strong hints in her own speech due to growing frustrations at fan difficulties, took part in a recent Momoiro Clover event.

On the 25th, Momoiro Clover held a joint live at SHIBUYA-AX with rock band Shinsei Kamattechan. The group performed twelve songs in front of a crowd of 1,500.

The biggest news came from Akari herself, as it seems she may have regained her determination to overcome the things troubling her.

Akari said, “I’ve learned to challenge different things through being in Momoclo.”

While Akari did not clearly say that she is remaining in entertainment , it`s very likely that she is leaving the industry completely, she did with that statement leave the door open to remain in entertainment. Akari`s graduation is set for April 10,so Akari fans keep showing your support as she works to overcome the things troubling her.

Chai Maxx [Short version]
Chai Maxx is the 2nd single with Mirai Bowl and will be “Chai Maxx“, will be used as the ending theme for TV Asahi’s show, “Onegai! Ranking“. While Mirai Bowl will be the ending theme for the anime “Dragon Crisis!”

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  1. when i saw the title....
    i was hoping to read that akari would stay with momoclo T_T


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