Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kikkawa Yuu / Kikka Channel Episode 1

Kikkawa Yuu / Kikka Channel Episode 1

If this little video is a sign of things to come, then Universal has big plans for Kikka.
Universal have started Yuu`s very own channel called Kikka Channel. Kikka Channel is not your normal idol or group channel that we have seen in the past. Kikka Channel is a walk through the debut of Kikkawa.

In episode, one we see Kikka shocked at all the cameras following her around suddenly. This footage seems to be taken from the documentary film “Kikkake wa YOU!” that will be released in a few months.

Kikka Channel Episode 1


  1. yea ive seen it....
    Kikka being surprised is really <3 :D
    def. be following this :D

    ive been reading her blog as well...
    got 2 say.. shes pretty odd...

    like once she wrote...
    ''I realized that if you wear shorts at night in the middle of winter, it’s so cold you feel like dying!

    Everyone, definitely try walking around in shorts in the middle of winter. (lol)''

    somehow im glad shes a bit of a dork xD haha more funny people in H!P :D

  2. Awsome but I saw her on PON! the tv show and she is really flexible it was cool yet truamatizing..I recommend this to any fan but if you are squimish DON'T! XD

  3. @road could you send me the link her blog, i've been looking all over for it!!

  4. eh her blog... its her blogtranslations :p
    but its here... with allt he other blog translations..

  5. @ Natalie ,unless things have changed she does not have a blog. If you join her support site you get mails written by her .The mails are like blog posts .

  6. Will her debut single have a PV?? Because none of the versions come with a DVD, that was kind of a letdown.

  7. All I am aware of is the documentary movie being released in Golden Week. I am sure they will put out PV for the single .

  8. @gaki she doesnt have a blog ?!?!!? o.O !?!?!?!

    then... then... then...
    what have i been reading all the time.. ??? >_< !!

    lol joined ''mail like blogpost''.. could be considered as a blog right :p

  9. @ Road ,Yeah what she is doing is like a blog + photos, but it comes in your e-mail, what people are posting or translating is what she sends in the mail to you as a subscriber.

  10. Thanks for the info! Aw man i really wanna see this film but there is no point if it doesn't have subtitles, and i wanna buy it to support her even if there is a fan sub...

    Anywho well done kikka!


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