Sunday, February 27, 2011

Morning Musume’s Maji Desu ka Ska Short Radio Preview

Morning Musume’s Maji Desu ka Ska Short Radio Preview

A very short preview aired on the radio show Young Town! Of Morning Musume’s 45th single Maji Desu ka Ska .The Ska style song, shows a side of the group that has not been seen in some time a more turn back the clock genki Morning Musume.

This release is also the debut single for the groups new 9th generation, who provide a solo line each and the new members youthfulness brings freshness that this group has not had for many years.

Updated Full Audio


  1. I agree Gaki, the 9th gen girls really bring something different to the group with this song.

    I guess having listened to the older girls for 4-5 years (wow, I've liked them that long...O___O) Riho, Mizuki, Kanon and Erina's voices really gives a breath of fresh air. :D

    I also love how they've gone back to the good ol' genkie songs MM used to do many years back, before I was fan. :P

    Ahhh~ Memories, :P

  2. Note for Musume fans Bijo Gaku is airing now as I type this comment and here is a hint as to what to expect from the 9th gen. Today they dance the PV with the full unit of Morning Musume and there is a PV tease.

  3. Eeek! so excited!! MM's manager said we would see the PV this week!


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