Wednesday, February 23, 2011

About Site Changes

About Site Changes

There seems to be some confusion starting as to what has happened or changed with the site. First let me say, I hope everyone likes the new look and finding their way around the set up, now about the changes.

I just wanted to say that nothing is leaving, everything we did before major and Indie idols we are still going to do.

Ryo is working on 4-5 posts on Indie idols; we are still covering idols as the main genre.

The changes, the only things we are doing different are adding to what we are already doing. We are adding new stuff such as non-idol pop groups/artists, the return of KPOP, the addition of JRock and possibly Visual Kei.

Outside of this blog both Ryo and myself are musicians ,so covering industry friends ,bands we like in JRock or Visual Kei or even our own careers is something we have talked about ,so we decided to included our own genre in the new design .

This site is loosing nothing of it`s past, only bringing you more choices such as Scandal, Kalafina, Rock, other Asian groups both all female, all male or co-ed.

Our music industry has so many talented artists such as tiny Enka wonder singer Sakura Maya, that we feel people will enjoy reading about or maybe is already fans of.

We also have the option of providing our readers a message board community, so that you can build friendships, and provide any items to talk about.

I understand the concerns or surprised feelings you may have when visiting today.

Our goal is for readers to one day come to PIH and get all their different genre news needs covered on this one site, if possible, while you are downloading the latest television episode of your favorite idols.

Ryo and I are sorry for any confusions or worries the new  design  has given our idol fans ,let me put those worries  to rest one more time by saying clearly ,the idol genre ,both Indie and Major will continue being a big part of this new site design .

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