Friday, February 4, 2011

SUPER☆GiRLS Debut Single

SUPER☆GiRLS Debut Single

After recently releasing their debut album, Avex Idol group SUPER☆GiRLS have released their debut single "Ganbatte Seishun".

"Ganbatte Seishun", is a cute song that at first look reminds me of something that early AKB48 would do.

This is a good comeback track for a group who did not get off to a strong start.

"Hatsukoi Graffiti" is just a two-minute member close up video preview.

"Ganbatte Seishun"

"Hatsukoi Graffiti"

"Ganbatte Seishun" will be released on March 23 and it will be released in six different editions.

Related news

There is a reason why the SUPER☆GiRLS are wearing the costumes they are in "Ganbatte Seishun" .Recently the group signed a deal with Tomy for special collaboration project Fashion Doll called “Jenny” .The costumes that SUPER☆GiRLS are wearing are the same as the “Jenny” doll.
This year was the 25th anniversary for the “Jenny” doll and for 2011 Tomy decided that
They would design a “school girl” fashion theme for the brand.

SUPER☆GiRLS will also be featured on the TV Tokyo anime series” Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream” as the ending theme starting in April.


  1. Super Girls didn't get a lot of fans?
    I didn't know that.
    I thought they were doing good.

  2. Nice! I enjoyed their album, chozetsu shojo, but there were 5 or 6 songs that I didn't like or though were bad. Ganbatte Seishun is good! It's cute!! Well, here's to hoping this does well!~

  3. @ lebird, they got off to a slow start and canceled a few concerts due to low sales. I think it was more due to starting with an album and not a few singles or even going Indies
    to build up interest.

    The good news is there was nothing that happened early on, that is not fixable and they should do well this time and continue to grow.

    Some groups just grow at different pace then others, who knows maybe this single, will be their breakout single.


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