Sunday, February 13, 2011

AKB48 Trainee Promotion

AKB48 Trainee Promotion

AKB48 research member Nakamata Shiori (18) announced to the live event crowd yesterday that she would be entering Waseda University’s school of politics and economics.

Nakamata told the crowd “I’ve thought about quitting either AKB or school many times, but I was cheered on to do my best at both”.

Nakamata who for a year and half now been a substitute member of AKB48 Team B  was next shocked by a surprise announcement letter from AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi.

Akimoto announced that because of Nakamata`s hard work at both school and with AKB activities that she was being promoted into AKB48 regular  team membership  .It is expected that she will become a member of Team B.

Akimoto based his decision on the fact that Nakamata has mastered the pressure of work; she goes to dance practice and during her breaks, she always studies. She has never neglected her studies.

After Akimoto made the announcement Nakamata broke down, cried in front of the crowd, and managed to address the crowd.

“I want to do my best so I’m not hidden by the others. I will be aware of my facial expressions during performances. I want to become a Senbatsu member”.

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