Sunday, February 6, 2011

A note to AKB48 Fans

A note to AKB48 Fans

I made it rule not to talk about tabloid rumors; however, there is something that I want to mention.

There is a story that is making the rounds, about eight members about to be removed.

I just wanted to say they are not a tabloid  that you should take seriously.

 If anything about this happens to show up on a creditable mainstream non-tabloid publication about this, I will cover it.

Followup as I did not get a chance to update the site much yesterday ,I am adding this followup

Officials with AKB48 have also said that this story was not true.

Officials with AKB48 said that the tabloid took a simple comment that was made and mislead fans. AKB48 officials said that when they mentioned, “going back to the roots”, the tabloid invented a story of member rebellion and planed terminations, when management was only meaning returning to “being idols you can meet”.

As AKB48 has continued to gain   popularity, it has become harder for the group to remain true to their motto and roots.

AKB48 officials want to try to restructure some elements of the group in order to become much closer to their fans again. There will be no member changes as the tabloid claimed.

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