Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Joining the PIH Writing Staff

Hello everyone, my name is Ryo. Been a big fan of this site, so I am honoured to be invited by Gaki as writer to contribute in the articles in whatever small way.

Gaki and I same share the same interests in music as fellow musicians and similar interests in the idol culture of Japan. So really appreciate Gaki in letting me in to voice my opinion on the subject.

Right now, I am still nursing a back injury, but you will hear from me in no time soon. Please keep supporting PIH, and at the risk of sounding a little cliched, we will see what happens next.

If you the readers have any topic you would like me to discuss about in the newer articles, please feel free to voice it out in the comments section here.


  1. Hi ryo! I'm excited to see your new posts! Get well soon btw :)

  2. Hey Ryo. It's nice to read your first post.
    Hopefully you will get well in no time.

    Since you asked for opinions, I would love to read more about the group Happiness.
    I also like reading about the "wota lifestyle," the idol culture in Japan, or just Japanese culture in general.
    It'd also be interesting to read about the "behind the scenes" of the entertainment industry; like contracts, work activities, salary, talent agencies, different companies...

    I hope more people post with opinions so that I am not the only one to write so much.

    Get well and follow what the doctor says.

  3. Hey Ryo. I hope you get well soon. I'm really looking forward to reading your posts. I've been a fan of this blog for a while now, so I'm excited to see what kind of posts you write. :]

  4. Hello Ryo!! It's nice to know that you are doing well! Can't wait till you start posting and hopefully you"ll get better soon. I know about back pain so yeah they hurt a lot.

  5. keep showing me about all those not so famous idols in Japan pls.

  6. Hi all... Will definitely try to get better soon. Thanks for all suggestions, those topics are in fact in the queue, so looking forward to finishing them up!
    m(_ _)m アリガト

  7. I'm a little late into the welcoming but hi Ryo! Hope you get better soon and look forward to the topics you will write up!

    I'm the same with lebird, I'd love to know more about the "wota lifestyle" and idol culture in Japan. I think I know some basics, but I'd love to know more so that I don't feel like I'm generalising when I'm telling other people about it. :P

  8. @ Shura -Ryo and myself have Indie Idols group that I don`t think any other English language site even know about yet.

    Everyone, we also due to our own music work, like or are involved with non-idol groups, if everyone is open to those, we would be happy to show you groups [female and other] that are in our rock genre or just artists we think people will enjoy getting to know.

    We have talked about doing something special for our female readers, maybe some groups, you may like outside of female idols.

    We really want to give readers a place to look forward to coming to each day.

  9. @Gaki, I'd like to know about non-idol groups as well. There are some artists (or idols?) I know other than AKB and MM, so it'll be cool to see how you, Ryo and the PIH readers view them too! :D

  10. @Gaki: When you say something special for female readers, do you mean featuring male idol groups? As a fan of both female and male idols, I'd love to read some posts about them too.

  11. @ Aimx
    Yeah, Ryo and I normally are around rock bands mainstream, VK in our private lives, so we are thinking as Exile is popular with ladies, and other pop groups along with some rock bands, we could add them to the site.

    We are still kicking around ideas, so any feedback readers give up is helpful .We are going to have the site redesigned, so we can expand to a number of genres.

    Right now we are thinking this site may become idol and non-idol male and female, there are just so many good artists out and such a great history in music and culture, that we could give everyone even more choices to support.

    So any idea, even if you think it`s small may mean something important to us as we move forward

  12. @ Chanting, there are a number of artists that I like from Kalafina to Chihiro Onitsuka and even can catch me playing Exist Trace, when I am writing on this site, lol.
    I really like a lot of non-idols .Being a singer, I am first drawn to voices .A good voice will win me over ,even if it`s not an idol.

    @ Shura
    Ryo and myself have a large amount of Indie idols/groups we could cover in. 80% No other site would know of.

  13. Hi AimxAim... actually I'm thinking boy bands around East Asia, especially Thai and Viet. Johnny's are good, but not enough fresh blood (not that I know of :))

  14. @Gaki: That's awesome I love Jrock and VK. (And OK. XD) I've been a fan of Jrock a lot longer than idol music. So I'd love to read posts about that too.
    I love the whole idol-non idol, and male-female groups idea. I'd love to be able to come here and get all my news about Japanese music not just idol music. :]

    @Ryo: Awesome I listen to a lot of East Asian music and boy bands. All though right now it's mainly Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Golf & Mike are the only Thai singers I listen to now. It'd be cool to hear of some more. And I understand what you mean about Johnny's not having enough fresh blood. I always wish they would debut some more JE groups. XD


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