Monday, February 28, 2011

Taiwan48 Coming This Summer


AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi has confirmed a long-standing industry rumor, that he is in fact creating a new 48 unit in Taiwan. It`s current working name is “Taiwan48“.

Akimoto said that the creation of the group has already started and has signed a contract with a Taiwan based television network to document the entire process through TV, starting this summer.
“Taiwan48“will operate the same way as AKB48 with daily theater concerts.

Akimoto also hinted that he may not stop there and that plans and considerations to create a global franchise are underway with Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, and Russia as possible locations for future units.


  1. I'm kinda excited for this, i love cpop (fahrenheit is one of three boy bands i like) and i like they way their idols work, where getting drama roles is as important as releasing singels.

    The only thing i'm worried about is if akip is going to be overworked and that that will affect the quality of akb releases.

    I mean look at Icecream Musume....

    But then look at Frances and Aiko, their doing well....

  2. Oh wow~~ THIS SUMMER!? O___O

    I might even be able to watch it on TV when I'm home for the holidays. Cool~ :D

    I agree with Natalie though... Icecream Musume was a FAIL... Even if I was quite excited at the beginning. I did like their version of "Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou" though... (such a long name, I copied that off the song list from my music docs... :P)

    Anyway the point is, I hope they do better with Taiwan48.

    Now that I've looked at all types of idol culture, or at least how Japan, Korea and Taiwan promote their singers/idols... It's quite interesting how each country works... :)

    Just a thought, haha.


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