Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AKB48`s Itano Tomomi Sets Release Records.

Itano Tomomi Sets Release Records.

AKB48 member Itano Tomomi, who released her first solo single “Dear J” on January 26, has set another record for AKB48. Itano`s solo single sold 163,000 copies in it`s first week ,making Itano the first female artist to break 150,000 units since Utada Hikaru’s single, “Flavor Of Life”, nearly four years ago. Itano also became the first member of a girl group to sale 150,000 since Goto Maki sold 268,000 copies of “Ai no Bakayarou” ten years ago.

Full PV


  1. I'm proud of her achivement, it is a good song. Also i like tomochin she is in the top 10 girls i LOVE in akb48 and not to take anything away from what she has earned but.....

    I think it is hardly surprizing she has had as high sales as she has had. I don't even live in japan and i knew about the exstream promoting that her single had.

    I'm exstremly pissed off that some of her fans have been lording this over the other 48 girls who have relested solo's and haven't gotten into the top 10. Implying like they hadn't been trying hard enough or somthing.

    I'm so proud of tomochin but some of her fans need to learn to be humble.

  2. Itano is my favorite member! I'm happy her single sold so well for her debut, but I think it's due to her already being VERY popular and being in AKB.

    If she wasn't in AKB48, and this single was her debut, I don't think it would of sold as much.

  3. This single is amazing. She's probably so happy.
    The single DVD comes with this kind of bonus PV for the B-side (TUNNEL) that's as awesome, if not more, than the PV for Dear J.
    Definitely worth my support.

  4. Unfortunately@Candy and Anonymous
    it is true that without akb48 Itano wouldn't have sold as much as she did. If you go to the oricon page thingy it even tells you a percent of how much a song was ranked due to its lyrics and composition hers was a 59% I don't know what it means but TVXQ had a 98%???
    But this is a great achievement for her and all the her hardwork.


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