Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen Chronicles Chapter 6

Morning Musume 9th Gen Chronicles Chapter 6
Sayumi has blessed Morning Musume fans with a new series of 9th generation blog posts

Chapter 6

Titled: 9th Gen Members!
A picture of the whole line-up!!
More over, everyone is eating strawberries (lol)
Fukuchan &Yasshii are
Going Ah~hn to each other together, cute ~~right~~? lucky~~huh~~?
Zukki’s position, it cracks me up
Eripon is, caught in the mirror!!
9th gen, so cute
[This Photo is from Ai-chan]

Titled: Fresh Talk

These two on the bullet train!
I sat next to Fukuchan and Yasshii
Over one of Yasshii’s eyes, she is holding up a clear cap in front of it
How playful

For the 2 and a half hours on the bullet train, the three of us ate food, and snacks,
And from there the three of us talked a lot
Once again, I was laughing a super lot

Just the more we talk the more fun it is
After that, I got all nostalgic, talking about elementary school and middle school and stuff

9th Gen is starting to show up in Ai-chan`s blog and Reina had dinner with them recently .
It seems that 9th gen is bringing a new spark of excitement to the senior members .



  1. Do you think these outfits are in the pv? They are wearing the same style clothing, suspender shorts and cute shirts <3

    And is it just me, or does Eripon seem like the shy type, she doesn't interact and in the mirror she looks like she's in the corner...
    Ponpon! Don't be shy!! <3

  2. Chani these outfits are from fan events, not the PV there is a picture that shows two 9th gen shoulders up wearing blue and yellow costumes with black lace gloves, which people are wondering are PV costumes.

    PonPon-chan sometimes does seem shy and others not .All idols to her was her idols as she was a pre-idol fan girl ,so in a way this can be overwhelming to her to be with her idols now as a member.


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