Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not yet: “Shuumatsu Not yet”! Full PV

Not yet: “Shuumatsu Not yet”! Full PV

Not yet has released the full PV for their debut single “Shuumatsu Not yet”!
“Shuumatsu Not yet”! Will come in several versions ‘Type A’ (CD+DVD), ‘Type B’ (CD+DVD), and ‘Type C’ (CD+Photobook). Each edition of “Shuumatsu Not yet” will feature its own exclusive B-side, and both DVDs will contain different content. The photobook included with Type C is a collectible, 32-page lyric book.

[Couple of copies in case of delete]

[Mirrored Version]


  1. I am i the only one who thinks if this were a H!P pv then people would hate it?

    Just saying.

    The dance is good though and i like the members, but... other than that it is kinda boring ;>.>

  2. I must agre with Natalie.. If Momusu or C-ute were to release something like this they would get bad reviews and such. But honestly this group did seem to random especially the sexy cover for an upbeat slow song. But whatever.. Did like that they used diffrent girls instead of the same 8-10 front girls.


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