Monday, February 14, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen Chronicles Chapter 3 & 4

9th Gen Chronicles is Sayu`s blog translations on the 9th generation

Chapter 3
~Insect Expressed~

9th gen member, Suzuki Kanon`s special skill.
Bug impressions.
While doing a number of bug impressions,
the picture is her butterfly impression.
It’s hard to get from a still image
However, you get a good sense of her energy right
Actually, I was really cracking up
She has a full repertoire,
Not Fabre’s Insect Chronicles
 Shouldn’t they make a Zukki’s Impression Insect Chronicles~? lol

 The Morning Musume Event known as “Morning Lab 2 in Osaka is finished
Today was three shows!
It got me nervous too but it was fun!
More than anything, the 9th gen members are all cute!
No, what I should say instead of cute is, they are cute plus funny.
I am seriously into them
The four 9th gen members are, so innocent somehow, it is astonishing
The pictures are, of 9th gen Fukuchan, Zukki, and Yasshii

Chapter 4

[In this post Sayu let’s us in on the harmony of the 9th gen and how she really feels about the 9th gen, however there is no mention of Erina in any of these posts  ,maybe next Sayu will talk about Erina?]

~Like Little Sisters~

The event’s fun
9th gen girls, they’re so kyuuuuute~
The picture, the picture,

It is Fukuchan & Zukki!

The 9th gen, all of them are good friends~
They are talking lots
Watching them never gets tiring
It is actually soothing
I have wanted younger sisters like this so, I am happy


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  1. Yeah, I find it odd too, that Sayu didn't talk about Erina....

    Had to laugh at Kanon's crazy impressions, hahahahaha! If only they'd go on a show, then I'd get to see... XD


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