Friday, February 11, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen On Bijo Gaku

9th Gen On Bijo Gaku

Hot off the television, here is the 9th gen segment, this week it`s training and fun and games end and the girls become real idols.

One thing you will notice the dance teacher, is a little easier then their past teachers. You don`t have to yell to make a point. Another thing is there is a separation as expected Fuku-chan and Riho are more trained at dancing .Erina is getting better since her audition. In fact if you notice her feet, she is really picking things up well, Kanon struggles, but I have faith she will get it and be our Genki Idol.

Next week we get a video look at their first fan event.


    indeed this teacher is less scary... :D

    cant wait for next weeks ep :D !!!
    looks fun :D

  2. Can't wait for next bijo... I want to see them play against Sayumi!

  3. Wotas are rallying to Kanon`s support. They are saying things like "Don't lose" and "Fight!"

  4. everybody loves kanon :D
    and even more after reading sayu's blog
    shes got the idolvibe

    but kanon really has to stepp it up with dancing and singing.....

  5. The old dance teacher was scaaary!
    I remember watching backstage footage from another idol group practicing and SHE WAS THE TEACHER!!!
    I think it was idoling, not sure. It gave me the chills.


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